University of Hawaii Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

University of Hawaii Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship's Scholarly Activities for AY 2014-2015.


Scholarly activities of fellows include:

  •  Publication : "Routine Screening for CP2C19 Polymorphisms for Patients Being Treated with Clopidogrel is Not Recommended."
  •  Publication : "Coronary microvascular dysfunction: Sex-specific risk, diagnosis, and therapy."
  •  Presentation at the American College of Cardiology Conference: "A Rare Cause of Complete Heart Block."
  •  Presentation at the American Heart Association National Sessions:  "Is Cold Pressor Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Testing Useful for Detection of Coronary Endotheial Dysfunction?"


Scholarly activities of our key clinical faculty:

  • 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • 12 poster/oral presentations at national specialty meetings
  • 9 funded grants


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