University of Hawaii Orthopaedic Residency Program

In addition to providing our own John A. Burns School of Medicine students with advanced clinical experience in Orthopaedics, the Division of Orthopaedics (through the Department of Surgery and the JABSOM Office of Student Affairs) supports and encourages 4th year students from other schools to apply for Visiting Student Senior Electives. JABSOM utilizes the AAMC VSAS service to process applications. Additional information about Visiting Student Senior Electives is available at the JABSOM Academics website. Please visit the following pages within the John A. Burns School of Medicine website.

-Visiting Students Senior Elective Page Includes paperwork requirements
-Department of Surgery Electives

The Surgery Clerkship Coordinator e-mail address is:

VSAS is an AAMC application designed to make it easier for medical students to apply for senior electives at U.S. LCME medical schools and independent academic medical centers. This service requires students to submit just one application for all institutions, effectively reducing paperwork, miscommunication, and time for students and staff.

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