University of Hawaii Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Faculty, residents, medical and graduate students work, train, and study within island communities in Hawai'i and selected areas throughout the Pacific. Training occurs in University laboratories, civilian and military tertiary care medical centers, community clinics and healthcare agencies, rural communities and neighborhoods. This model of clinical care, didactics, and research maintains a balance between unique indigenous healing traditions with cutting edge mainstream American Medicine and Psychiatry.

Hawai'i is made up of eight main islands located in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean; over 2,300 miles from the nearest land mass, it is described as one of the most remote places on earth. It is also one of the most beautiful, with piercing blue skies, azure seas with year-round surfing, and sun warmed days that are cooled by the northwest trade winds that sweep down from the Aleutians. Hawai'i society consists of an ethnic and cultural diversity where there is no majority ethnic group. This mix of geography, natural beauty, and diversity results in an environment where work, love (we call it aloha), and play are blended to produce professionals who seek excellence, are hardworking, and know how to have fun.

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