University of Hawaii Psychiatry Fellowship Program

The fundamental philosophy of this program rests on the premise that geriatric psychiatrists should have a biopsychosociocultural understanding of normal development and coping in the elderly as well as of psychopathology. The program focuses on integrating psychiatric, medical and neurologic care of patients with neuro-psychiatric disorders of the elderly. Multi-disciplinary teamwork and close collaboration with the Geriatric Medicine Program of the University of Hawaii will be emphasized.

The primary purpose of the Program is to provide residents in training with a rich educational experience in a variety of clinical settings. The methods of teaching are multiple. They include supervision of clinical experience, formal instruction through seminars, conferences, participation in research, teaching and administrative activity. In addition self-directed and life long learning are strongly encouraged. The Program embraces a biopsychosocial approach. The curriculum will provide a thorough and well-balanced presentation of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures in the field of geriatric psychiatry.

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