University of Hawaii Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program

Geriatric Medicine Elective:
This elective gives the resident an overview of geriatric and palliative medicine. The resident will work in multiple settings, including outpatient, inpatient, home care and nursing homes. Residents will learn about comprehensive care of frail elderly patients in an interdisciplinary team. A variety of instructional methods will be utilized, including clinical experiences and seminar sessions.


  1. A University of Hawaii "Application for Residency Visiting Elective" must be completed by the resident and approved by his/her Program Director.
  2. A letter from the Program Director granting permission and indicating resident's standing in the program is required. The letter must contain assurance that malpractice coverage will be provided while the resident is on the elective notation.
  3. Malpractice insurance must be the responsibility of the applicant.
  4. No salary or stipend is provided.
  5. No health insurance is provided.
  6. Housing accommodations must be arranged by the applicant.
  7. Travel arrangements must be arranged by the applicant.
  8. University of Hawaii Internal Medicine Residency Program residents are given priority for electives.
  9. A State of Hawaii temporary license to practice medicine and surgery is required and must be arranged for by the applicant (license application enclosed). Residents with temporary license are not eligible for narcotics licensing.
  10. White lab coat and an identification badge must be worn in the presence of patients.

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